27 outrage

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Boston Whaler 27’ Outrage Interior

There are a few things to keep in mind while you are preparing to place your order. Please keep your hardware from your old parts, as you will reuse these stainless steel parts in the reinstall.   Second Item to consider will be shipping. these interior parts are cumbersome and can only be shipped by freight carrier. Many factors effect your shipment cost including where your boat resides, and exactly which parts you ultimately will have in your shipment.   Finally, parts that have exposed flaps with snaps will need to be installed on the cushions once you receive your cushions. If you are having a contractor install your parts for you be sure to ask if they have the necessary tool to install snaps, most full-service marinas will have no problem with this portion of the installation as it is a common item.   If you are installing these yourself and do not have an installation tool be sure to let us know. We offer small alingment tool kits for $11.00 otherwise we will send only the loose caps and sockets.


The interior we will provide will be designed in the original Boston Whaler layout including, the White & Lt Tan color combination used for the year of your boats production, and the Boston Whaler Logos as they were placed in new production unless you decide you have some customization requests which we are happy to accomodate. While we are happy to customize we do generally recommend if you have intentions of a resale in the boats future consider this carefully, as it has been our experience that most Boston Whaler owners really want original interiors.


Below you will find a complete listing of the upholstered parts we can provide you for your restoration along with the pricing:


Bow Bolster Center: $260.00

Bow Bolster Port: $433.00

Bow Bolster Starboard: $433.00


Fwd Bow Cushion: $260.00

Bow Cushion Port: $433.00

Bow Cushion Starboard: $433.00

Soft Portion of Aft Bow Cushion Filler $360.00


Forward Console Seat Bottom $345.00

Forward Console Seat backrest $300.00


Complete Helm Seating (Deluxe Leaning Post option-upholstered pieces) $1475.00


Basic Split Leaning Post (Includes two upholstered bottom Cushions & Upholstered portion of the backrest-poles for the backrest are additional cost) $875.00


Aft Port Bolster $532.00

Aft Starboard Bolster $532.00

Stern Backrest $399.00

Stern Bottom $366.00

As mentioned previously, Pricing DOES NOT include shipping costs. If you choose to Purchase the complete interior we can offer you a 10% Discount. (Please Inquire About Seasonal Discount Options if you are ordering off-Season)

If you find you have more questions please feel free to reply to the original email feed, and I’ll be happy to help any way I can. When you are ready to move forward with your order please simply reply to the original email feed with the following Information:

  1. Specify which parts you would like to purchase, if you would like to purchase the complete interior simply indicate “COMPLETE INTERIOR”.
  3. Billing address for the credit card you intend to use.
  4. Best Daytime phone number for us to reach you. My Assistant Jessica or I will be calling you to collect your credit card Number (DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, PLEASE!!)


Once we receive this information we will consider your order confirmed and add your order to the production schedule. It may be a few days before we call for your credit card information. don’t fret once I receive your confirmation you are on the schedule. We are a very small company each team member wears multiple hats and we have some days we are focusing on manufacturing, packaging, and shipping as a group to keep up with production. Please know that every order including yours we will be as focused on the product when we are working to provide the top quality product we are known to deliver.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your restoration, and I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon to begin your project.


TENA Anderson

Anderson Mfg & Upholstery, Inc